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Palm Springs Pool Resurfacing specializes in concrete resurfacing for swimming pools & spas.  We started off as a swimming pool builder and we still do that, but with our time working in Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley, we get a lot more requests for swimming pool resurfacing and concrete resurfacing jobs for existing pools, spas, and pool decks.  Now we specialize in resurfacing existing pool surfaces and literally making them as good as or better than new.  We understand this is a significant expense, but it is a necessary one if you want to enjoy your pool and our beautiful desert climate.  Fortunately resurfacing your swimming pool only happens once every 10-20 years depending on the workmanship, materials, and chemicals used for water treatment.  Having pool building experience gives us the confidence to take on any project and having the expertise to perfectly resurface a pool that lasts longer than most is now our specialty.  We do everything from concrete resurfacing, gunite, plaster, tiles, Pebble Tec, aggregates, stones, fiberglass, paints, epoxy coatings, rebar, structural, pool equipment, and everything else pool resurfacing related.  We provide free estimates that are transparent, complete, and highly competitive among other licensed pool resurfacing contractors in Palm Springs.  We have hundreds of positive references and will be glad to meet with you at your location to tell you what we know and hopefully earn your business.

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When You Use Us For Your Pool Resurfacing in Palm Springs, You’re Getting Quality!

There are many contractors out there who claim to be able to resurface or re plaster your pool. That’s because lots of businesses know how to apply concrete, apply tiles and paint. However, doing this kind of work in a swimming pool is not quite the same as a general contractor is used to doing. Doing the job right in this field takes specially trained and skilled professionals.

Why is Palm Springs Pool Resurfacing Better?

Out of all the contractors out there who will gladly do anything you want with the maintenance of your pool, you’re sure to find some who will do it cheaper and faster than we will.

But there is an old saying which you have probably heard – You get what you pay for. Do you really want to risk having corners cut and substandard materials used which will require that someone to do the job all over again?

Who Our Resurfacing Clients Are

We have been in business for over 21 years, so we have worked with a whole spectrum of clients, both residential and commercial.

The fact is, that the majority of our clients are average middle-class homeowners who treasure and take pride in their beautiful pools and are willing to invest to keep them in top shape. That’s our favorite customer!

In the case of simple resurfacing of a 15,000 average sized pool, typical homeowners spend around $5000 on materials and labor. In the case of a full remodeling of their pool, including deck, outdoor lighting, spa area and patio covers, they will spend upwards of $15,000 towards the project.

These are average California homeowners who wish to maintain their pools and lifestyles and know the value of investing in their future. Given that the average homeowner is not wealthy and earn probably $100,000 per year or less, this says a lot. If you are searching in Google for experts then here we are!

What Do You Get Out of the Deal?

Our crew of trained, fully insured professionals take pride using high-grade materials to help you to continue living your dream. And it’s all covered by a ten-year warranty.

While we do advertise in the yellow pages, our main source of new clientele is word-of-mouth referrals from the many of our happy, satisfied customers. The reason they are such loyal clients is that we treat their pool, deck and surrounding area as if it were our very own.

We never take shortcuts, and while that means any average project will take a bit more time, they don’t mind at all because they know they are getting quality workmanship. We go the extra mile by ensuring each process is properly prepped and top grade materials are applied strictly according to industry standards.

The Professional Processes We Perform

While most of our clients actually have no idea the proper name for that sparking dark and shiny finish or the specific variations of other surfaces and tiles that we often apply, we explain everything and bring along samples for you to see so you can make an educated selection of what you would like.

The following is just a brief outline of some steps of typical processes we employ to get your pool looking like new again. That way, when you see our crew diligently doing their part, you will have a better idea of what exactly is going on.

The Basics of Pool Resurfacing

There is a full spectrum of variation of options with regard to pool and deck resurfacing in the Palm Springs area. Ranging from Portland cement plaster to aggregate, to tile for concrete pools and of course fiberglass pool resurfacing.

In the case of cement pools, tiled pools and decks, this can last 50 or 10 years between resurfacing, while a decent fiberglass pool can last around 10 or 15 years before it requires any kind of resurfacing. The most important factor is to think ahead to those bench marks to be sure you catch any serious problems on time.

The following is a brief rundown on the common properties of many materials used in pool resurfacing:

Portland Cement – In the environment of constant exposure to water, the affordable Portland cement is fairly durable and can last upwards of 7 years before it requires any maintenance. You can opt for either natural or colored finish.

Aggregate – Portland cement with other materials added to the mix such as granite, quartz, pebbles or chunks of tile is known as aggregate. Diamond brite resurfacing is a form of aggregate which is probably the most chosen in Palm Springs, because of its stunning beauty. But close behind is the pebble aggregate because of its natural appearance and affordability.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass pools are very popular because of its nonporous nature, thus, it does not need cleaning nearly as often as cement or aggregate materials. It also typically outlasts those materials

Tiles – Tiles come in many styles including the original ceramic tiles, glass tiles and even porcelain tiles, and there is a spectrum of various sub-styles to choose from. While this is the most costly resurfacing option offered by Palm Springs pool resurfacing companies, it is also the easiest to repair if any chips or cracks appear.

If you have any questions or other concerns for us at Palm Springs Resurfacing Company concerning your pool or deck resurfacing needs, we will be more than happy to address them. Our other fields of expertise include: non-slip decks, epoxy coatings, repainting, overlay, sealer, expansion joints, drains, drain channels and drain covers. Please call us today for an on-site consultation and free quote!

The Cost of Resurfacing Your Concrete Pool

While we would have to schedule a consultation with you in order to know what is required for the work you need, we can let you in on the many variables that will help determine what kind of costs you may expect.

As you probably can already figure out, the actual size of your pool is the biggest point when it comes to figuring the costs. In addition, the shape is a critical factor too, because a square pool with flat walls are much easier to work with. The next biggest variable is what materials you choose to use in the project and what kind of additional options you would like to have in the final product. Plain and colored Portland cement is available, which is the most economical finish we offer, or for a bit more you can opt for an aggregate or other pleasing pattern.

Diamond brite, which we mentioned earlier, is offered in a wide range of colors to choose from. The majority of our Palm Springs pool clients opt for that finish because of its beautiful appearance, its durability and its relatively low cost. It is available in a variety of colors to suit your specific needs. This concrete resurfacing option typically only needs an acid wash perhaps every five years to maintain its original stunning appearance and has been known to last upwards of 12 years or more.

Many of our clients who originally started with a plain concrete pool opted for Diamond brite when they partnered with us to resurface their pools. That’s because it is not that much more costly than plain cement, but much more attractive and durable. You are free to choose other finishing options we offer as well. Of course, it’s always nice to change the appearance to something new and more exciting when you have your pool resurfaced.

Please feel free to call us any time for a free, on-site consultation, regardless of what kind of final finish you’re looking for. We will be more than happy to set you up with a free quote with no obligation.

Do You Have a Fiberglass Pool?

If you are the proud owner of a fiberglass pool, the shape of the pool isn’t a big factor because the application of fiberglass gel is easily accomplished around curved surfaces. However, the same basic factors such as size and finish also are important to consider with the final cost.

One of the biggest cost factors unique to fiberglass pools is the condition of the fiberglass. If there is any extensive damage such as cracks or other repairs that must be made, that will add a bit to the cost. But rest assured, we are fiberglass pool repair experts, so regardless of what your pool looks like now, it will look like brand new when we’re finished.

If you call us and give us the general size of your fiberglass pool, it is possible to give you a rough estimate over the phone of the cost of resurfacing.

Services That We Offer

Here’s a sample of the services that we provide:

  • Replacement and repair of pool tiles
  • Repair of fiberglass pools
  • Deck repair and maintenance
  • Deck sealing and painting
  • Pool deck resurfacing
  • Re plastering

We offer these services individually or in addition to a complete pool resurfacing job.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

When we resurface your pool deck, you have the option of keeping the same finish or opt for a new decorative aggregate, plain or colored cement, or our beautiful pebble pattern finishes. We will repair any cracks or other damage to your deck before we resurface it to your specifications. A new deck surfacing can have as great of a visual impact as a new pool finish, even if you maintain the original finish in your pool.

Please call us today for any tile repairs, pool deck resurfacing, or fiberglass resurfacing and repairs.

Our Strategy of Resurfacing:

First Step – Draining and full inspection:

Obviously, your pool must be drained before any repair or refinishing can be performed. While our crew member is draining your pool, he will conduct a full visual inspection to identify anything that needs attention. He will then perform a test of all pumps and related pool equipment to ensure they are all in good working order.

Second Step – Preparation:

Once the pool has been fully drained and sufficiently dry, preparation of the surfaces will commence. This typically involves first covering the entire surrounding area with a protective tarp, sand blasting, complete stripping of the pool walls and multi-coating.

Of course, sand blasting can be a bit dusty, but our crew knows how to keep all that to a bare minimum, so you’ll barely even notice. At the end of the day everything will be cleaned up and all equipment removed so you won’t even be able to tell we were there.

Third Step – Tiles and Masonry:

At this point, you will have made your final decision as to what kind of finish you desire. This is the point of no return, so you will want to be absolutely sure of your selection. Once we have signed the final agreement the work will begin.

Typically, tiling can take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours. Masonry can take a day or two, depending upon the specific needs.

Fourth Step – Plumbing Inspection:

At this point, we want to be sure that the integrity of the plumbing is intact and the pipes are sealed properly to prevent any leaks. We will also perform any additional repairs deemed necessary. This will take around one working day.

Fifth Step – Applying the Pool Finish:

Once the pool walls have been satisfactorily prepped and cleaned, then we will begin applying your chosen finish. This is when you start to see what the final product will look like. Usually, this process takes less than three days, depending on the size and shape of the pool.

An acid wash will be required to be performed by trained professionals, if you selected Pebble, Hydrazzo, Beadcrete or Quartz finish. This is routine, to insure proper bonding of these specialized products.

Sixth Step – Filling the Pool & Cleanup:

Even though our professional crew never fails to spotless up at the end of each day, we like to make sure we leave your place spic and span. So, we spend a few hours cleaning up the corners, nooks and crannies we may have overlooked. Only then do we actually fill your pool up. We will then do one final pass to check for anything out of the ordinary.

Seventh Step – Initial Water Treatment:

To ensure your pools new resurfacing application will last a very long time, an initial water treatment must be performed. This can take up to a week, due to the fact adjustments will need to be made to make sure it’s perfect.

If you have your own pool service crew you would prefer to use, that’s fine! We will be pleased to work with them to achieve just the right water chemistry to guarantee your pool resurfacing will last a long, long time.

For any questions or concerns you may have concerning monthly budget plans, materials, procedures, or just wish to arrange a free on-site consultation and free estimate, please feel free to call us at Palm Springs Pool Resurfacing anytime!

We Are the Top Pool Resurfacing Experts in Palm Springs

If you talk to our clients, they will tell you of their pleasing experience with our award-winning, professional team of experts. Our impeccable customer service was the first thing that won them over. Our skill at pool resurfacing, wood and concrete pool deck sealing and resurfacing, along with our spectacular fiberglass pool expertise sealed the deal.

This is just a sample of what we can do for you:

  • When you have decided on what materials and finish you want to go into your project, we explain in detail the processes and what the precise quote will be.
  • To help guide you along so that you can make the best choice for your needs, we have before & after photos of each of the various finishes and physical samples you can examine.
  • We will then calculate how long each step will take based upon the materials you chose and typical time for those processes according to the size of your pool or deck. Using that information, we will work out a definite schedule to do the work.
  • We include a written warranty and a maintenance schedule for the complete project. Any of our clients in Palm Springs will tell you that we are the top pool resurfacing contractor available, and we never simply forget about our faithful clients. We are with you for the life of your pool.

Many of our clients in Palm Springs are repeat customers who return to us again and again. We hope you will also keep us in mind the next time you need any future project completed, no matter how big or small it may be.

Our warranty is proof that we consider ourselves perfectionists who pride ourselves on quality materials and workmanship of our friendly team of experts. Our written warranty covers the smallest of details of the project we performed for you, as we stand behind our work and materials. Any issues that may occur during the warranty period we will remedy immediately. Our maintenance packages will help prevent any such issues from arising in the first place.

Palm Springs Pool Resurfacing stands head and shoulders above any of our competition, and we are eager to prove it to you. Whether you need tile repairs, pool resurfacing, pool deck sealing and resurfacing, or repair and refinishing of your fiberglass pool, there’s no need to look any further.

If you are located within Palm Spring or any of the surrounding area, give us a call today, and we will arrange a free on-site consultation and make an assessment of the materials and time it will take to complete your project. Then we will prepare a no obligation estimate on the spot.

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